The goal of the competition was to design the new market hall as an introduction to the city’s new and modern district. In fact the site is located strategically at the natural entrance to the neighborhood, in a densely trafficked crossing. The building has an important function to fill and should set an example. At the same time its height was limited at 7m by the competition instructions, much lower than any other building in the surroundings. The concept for the roof was thereafter developed focusing on colours and shapes.


The proposal displays the roof’s capacity to attract the surrounding activities by developing two radically different parts:

+ The upper part, with a strong red color and skylight windows, becomes a strong reference point for many citizens who pass by the trafficked spot every day;


+ The lower part has softer colours and creates an inspiring environment for the local users. The broad roof embraces, involves and attracts the surrounding activities while the lanterns’ glowing transparency, which unveil on the shadowy background colours, animate the place day and night.

The lanterns filter the sunlight daytime and give light nighttime.

+ The lanterns are skylight windows, angled southwards to filter the direct sunlight and transform it into a glowing shine by filtering the sunbeams through a clock shaped textile membrane.

Filtering the light saves the exhibited goods from UV and IR radiation damages, while the round shape invites the visitors to gather around the lanterns, at the stalls and in the cafés.

+ The roof collects considerable amounts of rainwater, which is lead through the roofing system and collected in a tank under the market place, for purification and reuse.

+ The market stalls are on the first floor. During summertime, when the stands move out to the marketplace, the glass-doors open up and the sales area expands.

+ The second floor hosts cafés and restaurants. The glass walls are completely transparent so people can look outside while they take a break from the indoor activities.


Klaksvik, Isole Faroe (Danimarca)


Comune di Klaksvik


Arch. PhD. Sandra Persiani, Arch. Luigi Pardo

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