The Estate

Tenuta Monte Ilice covers 10 hectares of volcanic soil on the slopes of the Mount Etna Regional Park, in the direct proximity of a crater from which the company takes its name.

The architectural and landscaping project aims to enhance the potential of the existing system of diverse artifacts, in period and type of construction, by integrating them in a visual and cultural journey to experience the Sicilian wine culture at 360°, in a private and luxurious environment.

The itinerary forms a double ring divided into various stops, corresponding to the various milestones in the production system, the lodging facilities and the landscape’s landmarks. The journey is designed to blend in with the surroundings, enhancing the natural beauty of the place and creating  breathtaking views.

The Wine Cellar

This space acts as a keystone for the entire route, welcoming the visitors who enter the estate and introducing them into the perspective of following a journey subdivided in stages. The newly built complex creates a thin cut into the hillside, integrating into the landscape and respecting it. The cellars are inserted into the mountain, and covered by a large roof garden that minimizes the aesthetic impact of the building and takes full advantage of the thermal properties and massive soil for the energy optimization of the complex. The path running on the internal side of the building offers an overview of the working stages that the product undergoes, while the path running on the external border  looks down over the valley below the estate, where the sea can be seen in the very distance.

The productive system

The estate is divided into different functional areas depending on the different character of the terrain, distinguishing also a variation in grape essences. The vineyard covers most of the land, while two zones are reserved for an orchard of private use and a natural woody vegetation is left to grow where the terrain is steep.

The lodging facilities

The route is divided into a succession of stages where the production process is explained and experienced, and more specifically: three tasting areas, a restaurant, three panoramic resting points, a Winetherapy facility, and the cellar itself where the production and manufacturing process is displayed. Guests are offered lodging facilities for shorter and longer periods.

The path

The promenade experiencing the wine production form two closed loops and are mainly for pedestrian use. A main driveway is served by shuttle to be used by customers for short domestic travels inside the area in order to preserve the quietness and the natural features of the rural area. A parking area is available at the main entrance of the estate.

Fleri (CT), Italia

2015 -in progress

Tenuta Monte Ilice.

100.000 mq



Arch. PhD. Sandra Persiani, Arch. Luigi Pardo, Arch. Alessandro Ait, Arch. Francesco Cantarano, Arch. Leonardo Giuzio

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