Whereverland is a modular housing concept for who wants to experience a variety of contexts of pure wilderness. The dwelling is designed to blend into nature and to allow an uncommon and privileged view of the surrounding environment.

Whereverland can be located anywhere and give the persons the feeling of being nowhere, in an alternate reality, lost in the beauty of nature.

The dwellings are realized in prefabricated housing modules easy to dismantle, that are then enveloped in fog-like entanglement: a suspended white web partially dissimulates the profile of the blocks, blurring the distinctions between indoor and outdoor, natural and artificial.

The true living space of the house is found in the dynamic ambiguity of the zone between the housing module and the web, which is at the same time the immaterial limit of the human-occupied cloud space around the module, and the connective space of the house, conveying the human fluxes of internal transport. The web is the element that allows the persons to climb up to the module, into the module, and move in the cloud around it. Apart from the web, the house provides no other vertical means of displacement.

In this permeable space of interconnection and interaction, man and environment meet and enter into symbiosis.

The web, as a crystallized oxymoron, is the fulcrum of Whereverland, being at the same time one thing and its contrary: the limit, the transition, the connection.


Any forest


House in forest


Arch. Luigi Pardo, Arch. Laura Pastorino, Arch. PhD. Sandra Persiani, Arch. Francesca Galdangelo

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