Our projects come from the research of functional, intuitive and authentic solutions, designed to be long lasting.
Our solutions are both unique, in response to specific problems and different contexts, and universal – as expression of a design method which is founded on the diligent care for places, times and people.
The Luigi Pardo Architetti Studio endorses a multidisciplinary approach to the design of each project, which is handled by the best professional figures – coming from different education and cultural backgrounds- in order to meet specific demands, which are required by the subject, the place and the customer.
For the Studio design means understanding the history, probing the identity and revealing the potential of a place designed to host its occupants growing with them, in a continuous development process. This process begins before the project, through the examination and the dialogue with the customer, gradually proceeds through the research of innovative solutions, and autonomously evolves to the end of the works.

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